Fecal Fetal

"All sound is music. All movement is dance."
- unknown

Fecal Fetal comes from Finland. It is an entity that focuses on sound- and self-exploration, purging, excommunications and unleashing the primal urges. It is a clash of flesh and spirit, logic and will, sanity and ill fears. Sometimes pre-planned and with full intent, sometimes relying on just the opposite: improvisation, intuition, urges. Sometimes I follow myself, and other times fight against myself. Chaos, Intent, Peace, Destruction.

All things, all people and all life eventually comes to an end. Whilst waiting for that to happen, I'm aiming to search for my Self, my true spirit and will, and to follow it where it leads.

Life is a stage play. There is no audience.




Fecal Fetal - Consequences Of Depth
Fecal Fetal/Hoyland - Permutation I
Fecal Fetal - Teeth
[ówt krì] & Fecal Fetal - Misanthropy VI

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