Personal Bio of P23

I have personally been working with both thee kreative and teknikal aspekts of Muzik for 22 years, exploring and developing my knowledge and skills. I have a 'Ritual Ambient' projekt, 'Akoustik Timbre Frekuency', for which I have had 17 releases and 5 re-releases over thee last 10 years. I have also kreated exklusive kompositions for over 30 kompilation albums.

I have also mixed, mastered and remixed several bands over the years, inkluding work for Vuz Rekords (Germany), Quartier23 (Germany), Agressiva69 (Poland), Hoyland (Norway), Spagirus (Amerika), Sound Skrapes (Amerika), Ouroboros (Italy), Snowfade (Italy), Black Sun Temple (Holland) and Tamerlan (Serbia).

I performed live at thee Avecom Real multimedia arts festival in Arnhem, Holland. Whilst there I took part in a radio interview rekorded at thee Museum of Modern Art about my work. Thee Muzik koordinator for the festival has asked if I would kome bak and perform several more shows over the next few years. My kompositions have been played on various podkast and radio stations inkluding Solaris (Italy), Aural Apokalypse (Amerika), KSER (Amerika), NTNS Radio (Holland), WMBR 88.1FM (Amerika), Radio Budapest (Hungary) and Valley of Kapsules (Holland).

Through these various Muzik projekts I have bekome very experienced in using Propellerheads Reason 4 and 5, Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Logic Pro, Sony Acid Music Studio 5, Steinberg Cubase 5, Ableton Live and quite a few soft synths (NI Absynth, FM7, Reaktor, Cakewalk Rapture, etc), as well as playing a variety of akoustik ethnik instruments inkluding singing bowls, chimes, Tibetan horns, etc. I have also used an assortment of klassik analogue synths and drum machines such as the Roland Juno 60, Roland SH-101, Roland TR-606, etc. I am now using a Novation X-Station for an external hardware synth.

I kan program and perform a variety of Muzik genres and sub-genres such as Orkestral, Drum and Bass, Avant-Garde, Tekno, Ambient, IDM, Glitch, Hip Hop, Dubstep, etc.
I have also gained some experience in beta-testing new audio software. At thee end of 2003, I was part of thee beta-testing team working for the Sonic Charge software team for thee new MikroTone drum makhine program. I also helped to beta-test thee new Propellerheads Rekord software.

I have taken on teknikal work for several klub nights inkluding thee setting up of audio-visual equipment for the Rephlex Halloween Night 2006 at thee Elektrowerks in London which featured The Bug, Luke Vibert, Venetian Snares, Kode9 and Digital Mystiks. I was also taken on as a sound engineer and to set up audio-visual equipment for an Akid Skiffle night in London.

For thee last 6 years I have worked as a studio engineer, running an analogue rekording studio & digital produktion suite.
I took part in thee design and build of thee analogue and digital studios and dealt with thee general maintenance of these. I also support and supervise thee rekording, mixing and mastering processes. I also set up and maintained Mac Pros, iMacs and Mac Book Pros (running Reason 3.5, Logic Studio 9 and Final Cut Pro) and PCs (running Premiere Pro, After Effekts and Audition).

I attended Canterbury College, where I studied and achieved a Higher National Diploma in Music Production with thee following grades:

Research Project: Distinction
Computer Music Production: Distinction
Sound Creation & Manipulation: Distinction
Modern Composition: Distinction
Contextual Studies: Merit
Studio Production: Merit
Ensemble/Band Studies: Merit
Audio Recording: Merit
Professional Practice: Merit
Project Realisation: Merit
Arts Management: Pass
Process & Production: Pass
Music Language: Pass
Aural Perception: Pass
Notation: Pass

I bekame very interested in the Muzik of other kultures whilst at kollege which kulminated in my Research Projekt 'Thee Ritual Muziks of Non-Western Civilisations'. I explored the Tonal qualities, instrumentation, Muzik skales, overtone theories and psykoakoustiks of a variety of kultures inkluding Tibetan, Indonesian, Tuvan and Mongolian as applied to their religious rituals. This has all been inkorporated into my work.