sp3ct3rs/Jim Wylde

sp3ct3rs is a Canadian Electroacoustic Project that works within a variety of genres including Drone, Noise and Dark Ambient. Jim Wylde has been making solo music since 2010 under the name sp3ct3rs and, more recently, Soft Altars. Jim also worked collaboratively with Hotel Dieux as Mithraeum from 2011 - 2013. His works have been released on Petroglyph Music, Digital Dizzy, Etched Traumas before starting work with Sombre Soniks. His preferred tools are iPhone captured samples, Korg SQ1 Sequencer, Arturia Microbrut, Roland TR8 as well as a variety of guitars, Tibetan Singing Bowls and effects boxes.



sp3ct3rs - distortion point
sp3ct3rs - murmur

sp3ct3rs - audiokinetic responses

Jim Wylde - The Death Swells

Kompilation Appearances

V/A - Dark Ambient Vol. 11